Proper sanitation protocols are in place to ensure The Spa Room is in compliance  with the guidelines set out by the CDC & Jefferson County health! As well as taking extra precautions where possible...

Your safety and health is always The Spa Room's  top priority! With that being said, things are different now... here's what you need to know before coming in.

  • All clients must wear a mask, while inside Sola Salons building. Please remember to bring yours. You will only remove your mask when it's time to begin your facial service. I will ask that you keep your mask on your stomach, chest or hold it incase you need to cough or sneeze, to please cover your face immediately. After your service is over please immediately put your mask on. If you do not have a proper mask I will have disposable masks for sale $2each. 

  • Please arrive to the parking lot 5 minutes before your scheduled time. Please text when you arrive (720-590-9873) and let me know that you are here. I will let you know when I'm ready for you and meet you at the main entrance. Please be patient, with additional cleaning guidelines in place it may take me a bit longer at times between clients!

  • I will be doing a screening prior to entering The Spa Room's suite. In this correspondence you will find the Liability Release Form. Please fill it out prior to your visit and bring it with you, text or email it. We will store this and you will only be required to fill it out once, but asked each time you visit, per CDC guidelines. Once cleared, we will proceed to begin your service.

  • During this time, I am asking clients not to change clothes. Please wear a top that allows us to access your decollete area, and something that won't get ruined if wet or accidentally splashed skincare products. A tank top is perfect, please be sure to wear what you're most comfortable in. No judgement with whatever you decide wear. 

  • I am also asking to minimize bringing anything inside that isn't needed. Please no additional guests with you at this time. Leave water, cups, and or food in your car please. I will have bottled water that I ask you wait to drink until you're in your car. 

  • The Spa Room is trying to minimize cash and check transactions as much as possible. You can pay non-contact through venmo or apple pay. If you're unable to do either, credit card, checks and cash is still accepted I will be sanitizing it. 

  • Cleanliness has and always will be The Spa Rooms top priority. It is critical to me to keep The Spa Room as clean and safe as possible for all of us; clients, myself and my loved ones. The Spa Room will be thoroughly sanitized in-between each and every service. I have been thoroughly trained, wearing masks and providing the healthiest of care. I have received certified completion of New Sanitation Paradigm Workshop. Click here to see my certificate


The spa looks better than ever…We’ve missed you! Welcome Back – #bettertogether #thesparoom303




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