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Facial Services 

Phytomer Oligoforce Lumination Facial  $150 - (60min)Treatment for Complexion - Dark Spots - Wrinkles

Its objective is to erase all flaws for more radiant, smoothed and even skin.

An ultra-comprehensive anti-aging treatment that brightens skin tone, reduces dark spots, and smooths away wrinkles. The perfect pairing of a 20% acid facial peel and a soothing sheet mask that's riche in OLIGOMER® to bathe the skin in radiance.

Retail recommendation 

Oligoforce Advanced Serum $126 buy 3pk receive 10% of this serum
Wrinkle and Dark Spot Correction Moisturizing Serum with OLIGOMER®

OLIGOFORCE ADVANCED micro-emulsion contains two active flagship marine ingredients: OLIGOMER® concentrated sea water and Marine Eternal blue micro-algae to target dark spots and wrinkles. Its dewy texture, combining all the comfort of an oil and the effectiveness of a serum, envelops the skin in light and delivers intense hydration. Day after day, skin is radiant, dark spots are diminished and wrinkles are smoothed away.

Mile High CBD Infusion Facial $120 - (60min)

Experience 60 minutes of bliss as your nervous system calms and your skin is restored. Packed with vital skin nutrients, this facial promotes balance and leaves your skin glowing and vibrant.Ultrasonic Infusion uses a tool to create a ultrasonic therapy in the skin to increase product penetration. Perfect for sun damaged and premature aging. A restorative solution for all skin types! Soothe irritations, balance oiliness, and counteract visible signs of aging with our Mile High CBD Facial. Featuring a Denver based skincare company, this CBD-derived treatment is rich in healing botanicals such as rosehip, aloe vera, and jojoba. This treatment includes a unique exfoliating and cleansing application to stimulate the lymphatic system and eliminate built-up toxins or other blockages that create puffiness or dull skin. The skin will be detoxified and replenished with an CBD treatment, followed by serums to lift, tighten and firm the skin with a hydrating jelly mask on top to super infuse CBD Serums. As CBD works to regulate sebum production, calm inflammation, and reduce breakouts, the skin will be left more hydrated, soothed, and radiant. Non-psychoactive, no THC at all ONLY CBD.

City Life Facial $125 - (60min)

This facial brings both Luxury and delivers a beautiful healthy clear glow. Designed to counteract the destructive effects of pollution and an urban lifestyle, this facial detoxifies and oxygenates the skin with Pure Pore Heating Mask. This self heating mask gently absorbs impurities and pollutants from below the skin's surface during a tranquilizing brush massage, prior to pore extractions. A customized complexion enhancing serum is applied to eliminate dull tones and fatigue, restore radiance and brightness. Finally a detox-oxygen massage mask further neutralizes damage while plumping skin with moisture. The final moisturizing sorbet infuses the skin with algea-based pollution shields to revitalize and protect the complexion's fresh, clear glow.

Extended Youth Facial $135 - (60min)

From the depths of the ocean and coastline of France natural solutions are found to restore a youthful texture and radiance to the skin. A marine AHA scrub is used to polish the complexion to smoothness, then Sea Retinol is use to boost cellular turnover for skin regeneration. Finally, a specially formulated rubberizing mask* reduces the depth of wrinkles and resuscitates the skin's natural firmness, while free radicals (the primary cause to pre-mature damage) are outsmarted to curb premature aging. Results: a younger looking face, wrinkles are less visible and skin is firmer and more radiant.

Smell the Roses (Rose's Signature Facial) $135 - (60min)

Refresh your complexion, indulge your senses and relax with this facial and its delicate Rose scent. This facial brings both marine water and earth together to create a truly unique experience, with glowing results. Marine based products are beautifully infused from Moroccan Roses, delivering multiple benefits such as anti-aging, hydrating, soothing/calming (anti-inflammatory), healing, and its great for all skin types. You're sure to love the way your skin looks, feels and smells. Stop, relax, refresh and rejuvenate while you smell the roses.

Diamond Microdermabrasion w/Flash Peel $150 - (60min)

Diamond Microdermabrasion w/the City Life Flash Peel is a new way to detox the skin with quick results and minimul down time, you know for the those that live that city life. This service will transform your skin by cleansing, exfoliating, detoxifying, a facial treatment that will reveal a smooth, soft, revitalized complexion totally free of toxins and pollutants thanks to exfoliating enzymes and Phytomer's CitySafe Complex. This is a marine based facial providing hydration, nourishment and balance to your skin giving you a beautiful healthy mermaid glow

Body Services 

Contouring Marine Body Mask (reduces cellulite & detoxifies)$105 - (60min)

General Slimming - Iodine, a natural trace mineral, is vital to keep the metabolism running efficiently, and this seaweed body masque is rich in it. As the body absorbs iodine throughout the treatment, thyroid function will be enhanced, to aid in a slimming program. After the wrap, your body is generously moisturized with contouring cream to further combat excess weight and cellulite. A series (3-6) treatments will optimize long term results.

Silky Multi-Exfoliant Body Treatment (showerless) $65 - (30min)

General Slimming - Iodine, a natural trace mineral, is vital to keep the metabolism running efficiently, and this seaweed body masque is rich in it. As the body absorbs iodine throughout the treatment, thyroid function will be enhanced, to aid in a slimming program. After the wrap, your body is generously moisturized with contouring cream to further combat excess weight and cellulite. A series (3-6) treatments will optimize long term results.

Experience 60 minutes of bliss as your nervous system calms and your skin is restored. Packed with vital skin nutrients, this facial promotes balance and leaves your skin glowing and vibrant.

Skin Care Services

$99 Custom European Facial - This 100% Customized facial includes exfoliation under steam, extractions,relaxing facial massage, mask, hydration, sun protection, lip hydration and eye cream. Each product used is hand chosen for your skin specific needs. Your Esthetician will provide personalized skin care product and treatment recommendations to help you achieve your skin care goals.

$123 Luminosity Facial (anti-aging, gives youthful glow) - Looking for a special facial that gives immediate and visible anti-aging results? This is a luxe facial bringing all the heavy hitters, that exfoliate, hydrate, strengthen skin, and support collagen. Your skin will truly look luminous, while feeling so very hydrated. Highly recommend this facial for special occasions, events, or anyone who seeks hydration with a luminous glow.

$300 MicroNeedling Customized - Micro-Needling (also known as Collagen Induction Therapy or CIT) is a new innovation in skincare for the treatment for fine lines, acne scars and improvement of the skin’s overall appearance. During this procedure, tiny needles are used to create controlled micro-injuries that stimulates your own stem cells naturally and “wakes them up” causing them to produce more collagen, which is what makes the skin more youthful. 


  • Sun damaged skin

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles

  • Acne scars - including pitted scaring and dark spots

  • Stretch marks

  • Improves the elasticity of the skin, creating a firmer youthful skin

  • tightens big pores 

  • For some may replace Botox (ask Rosie about her story and results with Microneedling)

With minimal down-time and pain the SkinPen uses tiny needles to stimulate new collagen, break up acne scars and stretch marks, giving you arguably the best microneedling Denver has to offer. Six monthly treatments are generally needed for optimal results. We use powerful topical numbing medicine that makes microneedling treatment virtually painless.

The treated area will be red and swollen after your service for a few day after treatment, use products that focus on high quality healthy ingredients to help aid in rebuilding collagen. We have found this to be one of the most effective treatments for stretch mark, pitted scarring and super antinaging. There's a lot of information about how you can help on your end between appointments for optimal premium results. Rosie loves to share her knowledge, so please ask. 

$215 MicroNeedling Basic - 

$765 3pk MicoNeedling Deluxe (15% Off) -

Highly recommended to see and feel supreme results! You're skin will look amazing. Plus you'll receive a postcare kit Free ($50 Value)

$548 3pk MicoNeedling Basic (15% Off) -

$115 Age-Defying Facial - This treatment is all about anti-aging, filled with peptides, vitamin C, hyaluronic that specifically support collagen. Relaxing, refreshing and very rejuvenating to your skin & mind. This luxe facial includes a anti-aging massage, that helps alleviate sinus pressure, and helps drain lymph nodes (bringing any puffiness down), Expect to go ah....

$89 Gentlemen's Facial for The Tailor-Made Mountain Man - This facial is perfect for the gentleman needing a little pampering and a lot of relaxation. Specially customized to meet the needs of men who may experience razor burn, skin sensitivity, acne, conditions related to aging or effects of time spent outdoors, this is a deep-cleansing and softening treatment. Products are hand chosen to customize each gentlemen's needs, and ensuring that products are not too "greasy" because most males prefer light non-oily finishing products.

$99 Diamond Microdermabrasion w/ Facial -  Diamonds are a girl's best friend, restoring your beautiful, natural, healthy, youthful glow. This non-invasive procedure removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells resulting in fresh, youthful skin.
Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and photo-damage. Make-up looks flawless! Best news…it
has no down-time and allows your skin care products to penetrate up to 50% more effectively!

$126 Diamond Microdermabrasion w/ Chemical Peel - This results-driven facial treatment uses a combination of mechanical exfoliation (microdermabrasion) and chemical exfoliation to brighten, smooth and clear the skin. This signature treatment is best for those looking to get the glow back to their skin and is the best maintenance facial for those in their 30’s and 40’s. It is also great for acne-prone and oily skin types.  Microdermabrasion is performed first and then the chemical peel best for your skin is applied to the skin.

$115 Dermaplaning w/ Facial - Dermaplaning is an innovative approach to removing dead skin cells, allowing a jump start for skin renewal and infusion of nutrients. It is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). Dermaplaning is most often used on those with rough, dry skin, superficial hyperpigmentation, mild acne scarring, or fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment results in a more refined, smooth, "glowing" appearance. Dermaplaning is only performed by licensed Estheticians that have been certified specifically on Dermaplaning.

$142 Dermaplaning w/ Vita Brite - Dermaplaning w/ Vita Brite - Dermaplaning the skin is a great way to treat your face before a facial as it really enhances the absorption of peels since it removes the dead skin cells and stimulates the surface of the skin, skin formulations are absorbed more efficiently and results are remarkably improved with this added benefit. And don’t be afraid that the hair will grow in thicker. It won’t. Only flawless skin will be revealed! Brightening and anti-aging, texture improving, what's not to like? Vita Brite is a natural lightener, strengthens skins immune system, anti-microbial, cell protection, and repair, anti-aging properties, cell rejuvenator, and skin brightener.

$108 All Chemical Peels (AHA's & BHA's, no added fee for additional layers) - A. Chemical peels contain different chemical solutions to produce a separation and peeling of the outer layers of the skin and stimulate the production of new cells. They vary from very light and superficial to medium and more intense grade peels. The type of the peel recommended will depend on your skin condition, type, and desired result. The skin’s reaction to the chemical peel is similar to what you would experience with a sunburn. You can improve:
- Acne or acne scars
- Age and liver spots
- Fine lines and wrinkles
- Freckles
- Irregular skin pigmentation
- Rough skin and scaly patches
- Scars
- Sun-damaged skin
 A chemical peel, also called chemexfoliation or derma peeling, is one of the least invasive ways to improve the appearance of your skin. Although chemical peels are used mostly on the face, they can also be used to improve the skin on your neck and hands.

$125 Green Herb Refresh (Collagen Boost, Microneedling results without the needles) - Hydrate, Firm, Lift. This treatment will give you glowing skin, and a boost to your collagen. Mastiha, an exclusive ingredient from the Island Chios is incorporated into this refreshing experience filled w/ ant-oxidants, anti-microbial, anti-irritant benefits, along w/healing minerals. Exfoliate and enliven skin naturally with a green herbal mixture. Tighten and strengthen collagen and elastin with marine botanicals, lightening agents, and plant stem cells. Treatment can be catered to any skin type for a more progressive exfoliation experience.

Bundles/ Series Packages

$224 - 3 pk of Diamond Microdermabrasion w/ Facial (60min each)

$495 - 6 pk of Diamond Microdermabrasion w/ Facial (60min each)

$258 - 3 pk of Dermaplaning w/ Facial (75min each)

$575 - 6 pk of Dermaplaning w/ Facial (75min each)

Makeup, Eyelash Lift,  Brow & Lash Tint Services

$89 Makeup Application w/ Lashes

$99 Makeup Application Lesson (60min)

$85 Lash Lift w/Free Lash Tint

$18 Brow Tint

$24 Lash Tint 


Waxing Services

$20 Brow Wax

$12 Lip

$10 Nose Wax (nostril hair, good-bye)

$12 Chin

$12 Sides

$25 Face, $40 w/ Brows

$19 Under Arms


The Next Level, Professional Enhancements/ Back Bar Menu  

(When you visit The Spa Room, don't forget to ask to see the Enhancement Menu)

Take your skin care service to a whole new level by adding services/products to your experience. Serums are highly concentrated and or active, unlike moisturizers they do a lot more than just sit and hydrate the outer layer of the skin with quality professional grade serums they penetrate into the multiple layers of skin. Whether your  adding serums, masks, specific treatments like (eyes), or a foot detox you're sure to love the way your skin looks and feels. Here at The Spa Room beautiful results are always the end goal with every client. 



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