4 Bad Habits to kick if you want Beautiful Skin

4 Bad Habits to Kick, if you want beautiful skin.

1. Not applying Sunscreen daily. Everyday after you washed, toned, used serum(s) and moisturizer ALWAYS finish with a quality SPF (like Sanitas Solar Block, available to purchase online or at The Spa Room). This is imperative to your skins health, look, and texture. Number one use a quality SPF to avoid skin cancer, it is very real and very scary. Secondly because UV Rays break down collagen and speed up the aging process. No, your makeup is not enough coverage. For ladies our tops are often low cut exposing our neck and decollate's to natures elements (the sun). Think of your SPF as a your skincare shield locking in all your amazing skincare products and blocking out harmful UV Rays. Don't forget your arms and hands too! I urge to avoid tanning, if you must be darker get a good spray tan, your seasoned self will thank you!

2. Picking, we've heard it too many times to count. DO NOT PICK YOUR SKIN. I know first hand that this can be very challenging. Often when one might start to pick is when hands are idle, so find those digits something to be busy with (laundry or a stress ball are my go to). We end up picking with dirty hands, then the area becomes red with inflammation. When the redness and inflammation occur we often think there is more to squeeze out, often that is false! The area has become irritated and angry, if you continue to pick you may worsen the break out, cause it to become infected and also cause scarring. If you need extractions done, see a Esthetician she/he will know how to remedy the break out(s) and advise home care.

3. Not Removing Makeup every night, is also a culprit for breakouts sometimes. Remove all of your makeup every night. I know we spend so much money on decent foundations etc. truth is makeup just isn't beneficial to our skin. I'm guilty I love it just as much as you do, or maybe more! Makeup can clog pores, cause breakouts, and cause you to waste money you spent on your PM Night Skin routine. TIP: coconut oil breaks down makeup even mascara, make sure you cleanse twice with proper face cleanser. DO NOT OIL "CLEANSE"

4. Not Having a Nightly Skin Care Routine. I don't hear this talked about much at all. So i wanted to shed some light to this vital part of beautiful healthy skin. Sleep is essential for our over all well being. When we are asleep, our body is rejuvenating itself for the next day. While we are asleep our entire body is repairing itself, including our skin. Want to know the very best most natural eye treatment you can do for free? Yep, that's right get a good nights rest as frequent as possible. Of course it's not always enough, but think of how people look when they're tired? A quality skin care routine can make a HUGE difference in the over all health of your skin and look. It's not called "beauty sleep" for nothing honey! Not sure what is best for you? Chat with a Esthetician.

I'm truly passionate about skincare and creating beautiful glowing skin for my clients, or anyone interested in beautiful skin. Always feel free to reach out with questions or concerns you may have. Go to website, tab contact for my contact information.

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