Dry Skin

Here in Colorado it's that time of year that we are exceptionally dry. Colorado has little moisture in the air and combine that with cold nights and the heater on to keep us nice and toasty creates a even drier environment. Keeping our skin properly hydrated is essential to the over all health, appearance, and feel of our skin.

Skincare Tips for battling dry skin: Choose a professional skincare line over something from a "over the counter" product. Professionals understand that with quality ingredients you yield beautiful results and being a Esthetician, well honey I'm all about beautiful results. Show your skin your value by investing in quality products. In this life I've found in many many avenues, you often get what you pay for. Want to restore, repair and age gracefully quality is where it's at. Invest in your self, your skin will love you for it!

(Take the time to read this, below I have listed skincare tips to also keep your skin hydrated)

- Use products that have these ingredients and say goodbye to dry skin:

~ Hyaluronic Acid (don't let the "acid" mislead you, this is very hydrating for your skin) we naturally have Hyaluronic in our bodies it is like a cushioning and lubrication agent for our joints, nerves, hair, skin, and eyes. You can even take a supplement (ask Rosie what she likes to take) that is beneficial to your entire body. Hyaluronic will actually absorb into your skin keeping it hydrated, supple, and youthful. Hyaluronic is also very anti-aging, collagen is what gives our skin the suppleness and bounce it is essential to keep your skin hydrated to age gracefully. Quality Hyaluronic is a must otherwise it defeats the purpose.

Hyalyronic holds 1,000 times its weight in water. According to one study, one gram of hyaluronic acid can hold up to six liters of water.

~ Mistiha Because collagen production is boosted, frequent use helps soften lines and wrinkles, and ensures greater elasticity. Mastic oil also improves the appearance of photoaged skin and deeply moisturizes, while it is beneficial for skin types prone to acne or black spots.

~ Silver Ear Mushroom - similar to hyaluronic acid though not naturally found in your body also retains its weight in water up to 1,000 times. Silver Ear Mushroom has been used in China for Centuries for it's amazing properties of hydrating and brightening.

~ Caviar - pure protein in it's natural form. Caviar restores and nourishes damaged skin with essential amino acids. A great protein aiding in corrective skin maintenance while hydrating with essential fatty acids and oligoelements, caviar is known for it's high cosmetic value. As our skin matures, it requires additional hydration and nourishment. Caviar fits this requirement recovering much needed skin repair activities.

~ Kelp - Algae has many forms and is used both in skin care as well as in food preperation. Rich in marine minerals, this newly discovered antioxidant gives back hydration for softer, supple skin. Kelp strengthens and firms tissue giving back the youthfulness.

~Vitamin C - a lipid soluble, biogenic vitamin that deeply hydrates, brightens and firms collagen depleted skin. Quality vitamin c is essential, because if vitamin c hasn't been extracted properly it can give complete opposite effects and cause sun like damage. Trust me I tried being cheap and ended up with breakouts, irritation, and because the way it oxidized on my skin sun-like damage (spots).

I could go on and on with many more beneficial ingredients. But instead I'll share some of my personal favorite dry skin treatments and products that you and your skin will love.


85% of Lira's products have Plant Stem Cells (will do a blog on plant stem cells) in the mean time just think of "Repairing"

~ Lira - Pro Firming Serum w/psc $80 (hydrating and has peptides see my previous blog to read about the benefits of peptides.just click on this link)

~ Lira - Bio Hydra C Serum w/psc $56

~ Lira - Bio Hydra Infusion w/psc $51

~ Lira - Bio Lift Creme w/psc $80

~ Lira - Bio Caviar Creme w/psc & peptides $$86

~ Lira - Bio Recovery Balm $37

~ Lira - Bio Hydrating Mineral Mist w/psc $22 (Tip: use to help spread your product so you don't waste)

~ Lira - Bio Lip Factor $17

~ Lira - Mystiq Iluminating Cleanser w/psc $28

~ Lira - Mystiq Perfecting Eye Creme w/psc $49

~ Lira - Mystiq Iluminating Polisher w/psc $28 (gentle exfoliant)

~ Lira - Mystiq Intense C15 Booster w/psc $$91

~ Lira - Mystiq Iluminating Beauty Oil w/psc $59

~ Lira - Solar Shield 50 w/psc $39

Hydase Creme $79 (Germany got this 100% right when they created this cream, it's amazing and soooo hydrating it's all hyaluronic)

Sanitas Skincare

~ Milk & Honey Cleanser $32

~ Sensitive Skin Cleanser $32

~ Moisturizing Cleanser $32

~ Hydrating Brightening Solution $29

~ Natural Moisture Factor $53

~ Skin soothing concentrate $62

~ VitaRich Serum $58

~Moisture Mist $18 (Tip: great to help spread product so you're not wasting)

~ Hyaluronic Concentrate $74

~ Peptiderm Eye Treatment $75 (has peptides anti-aging, click here to read more about peptides)

~ Peptiderm Moisturizer $100 (has peptides anti-aging, click here to read more about peptides)

~ Topical C $53 (this product was originally created for a burn victim, Topical C is very hydrating and healing great for cuts, burns, chapped lips and nose. Also great for eczema. This product continues to wow me!)

Remember you can shop online, Lira products can be purchased at The Spa Room and all products can be shipped directly to you! Click here for (The Spa Room's Store)

Treatments at The Spa Room to combat Dry Skin

~ Luminosity Facial (one of Rosie's personal Fav's) $123

~ Age-Defying Facial $115

~ Custom European Facial $79

Dry Skincare Tips for you to do at home:

- Exfoliate 2-3x Weekly

- Use your quality hydrating products, reapply when you're extra dry! (Tip: carry Lira's Moisture Mineral Mist or Sanitas Moisture mist for a quick spritz of hydration)

- Massage hydrating products into your skin (massage 3-5min, imagine you are pushing the product into your skin. Remember always to massage upwards!

- Put a humidifier in your bedroom while sleeping. If you have a oil diffuser even better, add Lavender Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Lemon Oil (Tip: is great to cleanse the air when you or your loved ones are sick). Of course you can put a humidifier or a oil diffuser anywhere you need moisture and with essential oils it can make your home/work smell and feel amazing. Now in the colder months we have our heaters going at work, in the car, and at home add much needed moisture in a easy affordable way with a oil diffuser. (ask Rosie about some of her favorite oil blends)

- Drink lots of water. No not coffee, not soda, not fruit juice, just yummy water. (Tip: drink at least 8cups of water daily, if you're forgetful like me use a water app on your phone. Tip: add fresh lemon, lime, cucumber, berries, or melon feel free to get creative to infuse flavor and great vitamins and minerals into your water).

Rosie's Favorite Water Infusion:

1 Pitcher of Water

1 Lemon (cut thin)

1/2 of Cucumber (cut thin)

Thirst quenching, refreshing, and down right delicious!

- Don't shower more than once a day if possible, feeling dry all over? (Tip: add grapeseed oil to you body moisturizer or purchase body lotion from The Spa Room, Lira and Sanitas have great body products)

- Avoid over washing your hands, if you have to do so like me make sure you're applying a great hand moisturizer like Sanita's Hand Therapy $19.

- Oatmeal baths are amazing too

- Sanita's Topical C is hands down a personal favorite I use to combat dry skin along with Hydase creme

Not sure what treatment or products are best for you and your skin type? Contact me (Rosie), I love to chat about skincare. Remember consultations are always free!

Text me (720)590-9873

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